Teaching Gratitude to Kids | A must Life skill

Yes, we all teach our Kids to say Thank you. But Gratitude does not end here.

It extends further into feeling the thankfulness at heart.

We put our Kids on auto-pilot mode of saying thank you to everyone who offers them a treat or who helps them with their task. It's good but we need to help them understand the true meaning of being grateful.

Say Thank you to make others happy.

Feel Gratitude to make your soul happy.

 You may ask "What's the big deal?" or "Why our Kids need it?"

Multiple researchers have found the numerous benefits of feeling grateful. It's great if we help our Kids to discover those benefits at a small age.

I once created an Infographic with the benefits of expressing Gratitude by writing Gratitude Journal.

Whenever I ask my Kid to offer the prayers to God, the Almighty, he says "Thank you God for giving us good Mummy Papa, good School, good Teacher, good toys.etc"

This did not come naturally. I modeled this in front of him initially and now it becomes his habit.

This not only helps Kids appreciate the presence of things and people in their lives but also help them not to take things for granted but take them as GIFTED.

For example: 

I ask my Kid to be grateful to his Day-care aunt to take care of him while Mumma is away.

I tell my Kid that I feel good when he hugs me and talk politely.

I tell my Kid to be grateful for the candies and chips while showing him the ones who cannot afford to have them.

I wish that one day when someone asks my Kid "How are you?" he replies saying "I am blessed".

Have a happy Life.


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