Why Gratitude Practice is a good habit? [Inforgraphic]

6 ways Gratitude practice benefits you

Gratitude journal practice
Why Gratitude practice is good?

Enough research has been done already to prove the goodness of "Gratitude".

Its only been few months that I am experimenting with Gratitude practice- and I can tell you how satisfied I am with the results. Not only I but my Husband could feel the difference.

Let me tell you how he managed to dig the truth out of me-

One weekend evening while we both were sitting together, he asked me if I made a new friend? I said No. 

He then asked me if something happened in Office? I again said No.

Suspecting his weird behavior, I asked him what did he want to know?

He told me something I felt happy to hear "You are a changed person"

I frowned and replied with a smirk "In good sense or bad?"

He smiled and I got my answer.

I told him it all came with single gratitude habit.

Having said that, I have compiled my experiences in an Infographic- ready to share and inspire others to develop this habit of writing Gratitude journal.

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Why Gratitude practice is good - Infographic

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  1. Really gratitude is doing many wonderful magics in my life too !!! Happy that it worled for you also !!!

    1. You and Vidya are the inspiration behind this Vasantha. Thanks a bunch.

  2. Said it on Instagram. Gonna start this. Definitely need it

    1. Will be happy to see you take this forward Doc. We all need it in today's world full of criticism and rants. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  3. I do believe that gratitude does make the heart grow fonder.


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