My name is Upasna and I am a self-proclaimed Minimalist. I am a Wife, a Mother, a Crafter, IT professional and a Nature lover. When I’m not busy with my roles, I’m usually creating crafts or having fun with my Toddler.

How did I bumped into Minimalism-

By the end of 2016, I felt that I was using one sentence so often that it started affecting my Life. “I have less time” - This is what I used to say when I miss out on something.

It was becoming my default excuse for everything. Gosh! It was not the truth.

All I needed to free some of my time for more important things in my Life. Its when I heard about Minimalism. I got so fascinated to know about it and the freedom it comes with.

With over-packed wardrobes, every seasonal transition was a headache. Moreover, whenever I wanted to go out or play with my Kid, I found the clutter around needed to be organized.

Rather than spending time organizing, I am getting rid of the stuff that is no more useful.

Rather than spending my energy clearing the space, I am packing the stuff that is not in use right now but will be needed in coming future.

Instead of stressing over missing deadlines, I am not stuffing my plate and started creating White spaces in my day.

I am thankful for where I am now. If you’re tired of the rat race and wish to quit Consumerist Lifestyle, give me high-five!

I started this blog to write about my discoveries on this path of Minimalism and share it with others who wish to attain the freedom.


Wanted to start the journey but not sure where to start? Check out my short E-Book 

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