Why we do not feel enough?


We all know our priorities for the day.
Even then, we do not feel sufficient. We do not feel enough.

We are left with more undone things than done.

Why at the end of the day we wish to do more, achieve more and to be happy more.

Its because we do not structure our day as per our priorities.

"Two years back after my Maternity leave ended, I was wallowing in self-pity for not spending enough time with my Toddler due to my full time Job. Now rather than spoiling my mood over this and allow this thought to settle in my mind, I decided to make up for the time we are away. 

I set up my priorities the moment I enter Home. I planned my chores accordingly. Be it washing, cleaning or Blogging (my Hobby) I do not let them interfere with our together-time. I try to do them while he is away or asleep or busy in self-play."

Because my top most priority is spending quality time with my Kid.

What's yours top most priority for the day?

Plan your day beforehand so that you do not end up feeling not-enough.

Do not put your day on an auto-pilot mode but set your priorities and work for them.

Do less and Be more

When I say Do less, I mean rather than doing everything half-heartedly, put your full focus on the thing in hand. There is no joy doing things without putting your heart in.

Make space for what matters. Say no to multi-tasking if you want to be more productive.


Stop making to-do lists

Its been long that I stopped making to-do lists. They were not taking me anywhere. Have a plan and set your priorities instead. 

To-do lists forces you to fill up every single moment of your day and make you feel overwhelmed. Do checkout my article- Dump that To-do list

This self-created busyness is keeping us away from the real joys of Life.


Stop Comparing

Stop comparing your Life with others. You may not know what they are struggling for.

Even if you see those gleaming pics all over social media, do not compare and feel envious or pity.


Be Grateful

Gratitude is something that has the power to turn even the worst day look brighter.

Be grateful each day for the things you do, for the people you have in your Life, for the love, for the support and for the new day itself.

Start practicing daily gratitude and Life suddenly starts looking beautiful.


Here's to a happy you!

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  1. Interesting piece, though there are somethings I do very differently. I find making a to-do list helps me focus on my priorities. I need to go read your post to see how you make a case for not making them :-).

    1. Thanks for checking out the post Tulika. Its great if to-do lists works well for you. Frankly, it does not work for me and make me over-stuff my day and end with a guilt for not completing everything.

  2. Being grateful and knowing you're enough, that's very important. I don't know if I plan or prioritize anything in the day, but there is a sense of satisfaction when I know I've done something that I've loved to do.

  3. I think the worst enemy that mothers struggling with work life balance is the fear of comparison and judgement by others. Once you stop thinking about what others think about you, you can be in a lot more happier space and do a lot more while not neglecting your child.
    Loved your post.

  4. Hey ! Of course I make a list. And of course I prioritize. And of course I feel that I do enough even when I don't. It's all a question of attitude. I completely agree with you that we shouldn't give ourselves a hard time and things will automatically fall into place. I love your zenlike attitude.

  5. Being grateful is indeed important feeling and it is one of the attribute that can make us happier :)

  6. I agree with your points, Upasna. Being grateful everyday makes my life so beautiful. Happy to join with for #MyFriendalexa !!!

  7. Knowing your priorities is important. I agreed to almost all of your points. A well thought and well written Post.

    1. Thanks Anand. I could not find your Blog. Please help. We cannot let the days pass without prioritizing.

  8. Interesting read. I liked the way you have curated your thoughts. Yes priorities are very important to make so that we don't juggle with too many things. Thanks for sharing!!

  9. I think it's human tendency for never to be satiated.
    I like your point do less in the sense don't do things half attention. It's easy to say but difficult to practice.i have two kids and no matter how hard I try to bring things to routine it never works . Sigh.
    But there's always a hope :)

  10. I think it's human tendency for never to be satiated.
    I like your point do less in the sense don't do things half attention. It's easy to say but difficult to practice.i have two kids and no matter how hard I try to bring things to routine it never works . Sigh.
    But there's always a hope :)

  11. It such a much needed post in today's world. Cos I have always have this feeling that there is so much to do and so very little time. Thanks for sharing these tips

    Neha (Sharing Our Experiences)

  12. An interesting post... I remember facing an emptiness once I stopped working and was home after having my daughter.. and prioritization as well as planning for my day helped me a lot.
    I do have a list of things - other than daily chores that need to be done during the day, and that really helps me personally. Reading this I'd love to see how it goes without the list.. going to give it a shot

  13. 'Do less & Be more' - liked this matra of all. I try following it in day to day life. But at times end up doing things unwillingly. I guess I should be more strict in following rules. Great post!

  14. You have redefined a big thing in this post - which is dump that to do list. Very interesting piece and an early morning read meant it spread some positivity around. Keep writing


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