Doing nothing

Do nothing

I setup my alarm 10 mins early these days- No, not for Walk, not for Yoga, not for my Office or household chores.

But to do Nothing.

This started when one morning after my Son woke up, I left for the Kitchen and when I came back after 10 mins, he was lying silently, looking out of the window. When I asked him what he was doing, he told me that he was watching a tree.

This comes naturally to Kids. But we as Adults, intentionally need to do this.

Doing nothing is one of the important mind exercise. It gives our mind a chance to relax.

I look outside the window, I look at the plants or watch birds flying or butterfly fluttering.

It gives mind the much needed peace and help me start my day with a fresh feeling. This is the part of ME time and I cannot compromise these silent moments.

 Do you enjoy doing nothing?

Have a happy Life.



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