Worakble tips for Apartment Decluttering

Despite spending hours cleaning and organizing, you still find the stuff overflowing. It's time you start de-cluttering your Home.

De-cluttering is what I am doing from last few months after Minimalism struck me. I live in an apartment having 3 bedrooms, a living room and a Kitchen cum Dining Room.

Oh, I miss 3 restrooms. You will say, how does it matter? But it does.

The more area you have, more time and energy it takes to De-clutter.

Start at 1 corner to cover 1 room and then move to 2nd room.

Start collecting junk or unused things in different bags.1 for plastic waste, 1 for paper waste, 1 for electronic waste, 1 for clothes, 1 for shoes and for other miscellaneous objects.

Do not spend more than 1 hour to De-clutter an area.

Deal with the removed stuff right away! Throw, Donate, Recycle.

De-cluttering is not simply re-arranging things but removing unused things.
  •         Remove empty bottles and boxes
  •         Prefer not to use storage boxes as it will only welcome the clutter
  •         Remove expired products and medicines
  •         Remove duplicate things
  •         Remove the distractions.
  •         Remove unnecessary wall hangings.
  •         Do not keep the small thing loose.

De-cluttering is a process and not a one-time thing. Make it a weekly or fortnightly ritual.

Checklist of things which need timely De-cluttering

Hey! I am excited to share this checklist with you as it works perfectly for me each time I set out to de-clutter my stuff.

        Bed-side Drawers/tables
        Books and Magazines
        Hobby equipment
        Kitchen Ingredients
        Work Table

Time spent in Decluttering your Apartment never goes waste. Bet on it.


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  1. Very useful tips. Do not keep small things loose is very important because from there the clutter starts. It keep on piling and fills the space.

  2. This post has come to me, when I am just about to begin my annual cleaning up for the forthcoming festive season.
    Very useful tips. Am going to keep in mind all of these while I manage my house now.

  3. Very useful tips in space de-cluttering

  4. Diwali is coming up and decluttering is top priority right now. Thanks for your added tips.

  5. Thank you. I really needed a course on decluttering and minimalism. will definitely check out your blog.

    [@samantha_rjsdr] from
    Whimsical Compass

  6. good tips. going to try out the checklist this weekend. papers seems to take over all space and keeping track is a pain! any ideas on a paper declutter/filing system?

  7. Such a great list. I am on a mission to declutter and this is very useful

  8. Uff I needed this . Sharing this post with family and every week will spend one hour decluttering one area. 😬😬 seems less but atleast it's a start!

  9. Very useful tips and a reminder to do this on weekend.


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