Do you take things to be grateful for, as granted?

Haven't we started taking the things for granted?
If you don't agree, answer this please-

How often do you thank God for the smells or aromas?
How often do you thank Nature for its gifts?
How often do you feel thankful for small things which make your Life easy?
How often do you express gratitude to those you loved you, who helped you or made you smile? 
How often do you thank to be alive when you wake up?

Occasionally, Rarely or Often?

things to be grateful for

Expressing Gratitude is more necessary now than ever. With stress, rants and over-busy attitude, we need to fuel our minds with a dose of positive, happy and compassion.

While we normally thank those who helped us or who gifted us but we hardly go out of our way to thank those who indirectly serves us.

Did we ever thank the Gardener who take care of the greenery around or the Garbage collector or Janitor?

You may say- It's their Job but do you know that a single thank note push the people to perform their best, it helps people to complaint less.

I have found a wonderful way to express Gratitude and the special thing is - It works!
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Make your own list for the things to be grateful for and start expressing gratitude.



  1. Couldn't agree more, Upasna. Nothing fills our lives more than having a grateful heart, something we often fail to keep as we live our day to lives. Loving your gratitude pies on insta...inspiring me to start something on similar lines now. :)

    1. Thanks for taking time to comment Esha. I really appreciate it. Lets be more thankful to society and its people.

  2. Lovely :) gratitude they say is the memory of the heart, I would like make gratitude a way of life and am in process, true we often take things and people who love us for granted. thanks for inspiring.

    1. I am glad to have you here Angela. Hopping on your gratitude posts.
      There is a lot to learn from you as I am new on this journey of gratitude.

  3. It is so true, I practice gratitude every day, it really has helped with my anxiety and improves my mood an the mood of those around me. Thank you for sharing with #mg too, so great to have you here xx

    1. You are so right MG, I am experiencing, being grateful keeps me in good mood and main thing, I keep people around me happy too. I always feel good to linkup with you.

  4. It's good to always look on the bright side of life #mg

    1. Yes you are right Helen, that is what keeps us going.


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