Minimalism is not Black and White

black and white minimalism

I do not want to get overwhelm with numbers. I do not want to throw everything and instead buy the things in black and white.

That's not simplicity but obsession. I do not want to be obsessed over Minimalism.

Simplicity cannot be complicated and Minimalism is no exception. I just want to appreciate whatever I already have in my Life and buy only needful.

Being on this journey of Minimalism, you don't need to prove anything to the world. Its only about you-  
how you feel about the things you have, about the surroundings you live in and about the people around you.

If any thing does not serve any purpose in your Life, remove that

If your surroundings leave you stressed, change that

If people around you make you feel less or uncomfortable, talk to them or if that person does not add any value in your Life, leave them

Add colors to your Life because Minimalism isn't only about Black and White.

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  1. some really wise words here. We spend way too much time with things and people who don't make us happy.

    1. So kind of you to say that MG. I started ignoring negative people and thoughts.

  2. That's one thing that I have learnt in a hard way. If things are not adding value to your peace and happiness but instead creating negativity that can be done without by decluttering those things then it is better to do so as early as possible.

    1. You are right Pranju. We are continuous learners and its only our own experiences which teach us.


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