Walk+Aromatherapy = Walk Therapy

Natural Aromatherapy

I go for morning walk around 3 times a week. But today it was different. No it was not only the weather. It was a discovery.

We live in an area surrounded by green patches. Swaying branches of the trees adds a charm to your walk. Blooming flowers, new delicate leaves serves as an eye candy. The sweet fragrance of rat ki rani mixed in the air soothe you inside out.

Oh, I didn't tell you what made today morning walk special.


I always see many trees and plants in the area- but never did I try this.

In the first round, I plucked a leaf from Lemon tree. I crushed it in my palm and smell it with a deep breath.

It gave me a kick, so fresh and so tangy the smell was.

"Citrus aromas are often useful in curbing stress and anxiety" says Barbara Thomley, lead coordinator for the Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program at the Mayo Clinic.

In the second round, I plucked a Gauva leaf and did the same.

It reminded me of our Front-yard Guava tree from my childhood which was gifted by my Paternal aunt. I put a part of the leaf in my mouth and chewed it until left with only roughage as Gauva is known for anti-bacterial properties and can be good for Gums and Teeth.

In the third and my last round, I plucked Curry leaves.

I ended up feeling so fresh and rejuvenated.

smell the inspiration

I wish you too explore this. Go and take a walk around to feel the magic of natural aromatherapy.

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  1. I have done that a lot. Flowers, spices and many plants :)

    1. Isn't this enthralling? Its great to know that we share similar interest.


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